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In memory of our beautiful daughter, Ivy Rae Holland, our family are committed to raising awareness & funds for three charities very close to our hearts. Through-out our heart breaking experience we had amazing support from Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. They were always at the end of the phone when we needed help and answered any questions we had. They supported us after Ivy’s birth by visiting and helping us create a beautiful memory box which we can cherish forever. Even now, 8 months later they are in contact to offer bereavement services for our family. Forget Me Not offer a huge range of advice and support for so many families with seriously ill children. If you can, please help us raise as much as possible for this beautiful charity. Unique – Rare Chromosome Disorders is another charity that have supported us recently after we were informed of Ivy’s chromosome disorder. They are able to provide so much in depth information on thousands of genetic / chromosome disorders to help support families with ill children. Tiny Tickers is a new charity to our family, but we have found them amazing so far. The amount of information they provide to families and the amount of awareness they share is wonderful. I have found their information helpful in explaining Ivy’s conditions to other people. They have also done so much work in expanding research and testing for heart conditions during pregnancy and after birth. These three charities mean so much to us as a family and we would appreciate your help in raising money and awareness for each of them. Please donate if you can, and share our fundraiser! Thank you, Team Holland In Memory of Ivy Rae Holland.

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