Dedicated to the memory of Ivy Rae Holland

In memory of our beautiful daughter, Ivy Rae Holland, our family are committed to raising awareness & funds for three charities very close to our hearts.
Our daughter, Ivy Rae Holland, was sadly born sleeping on 19th October 2020.

We attended numerous scans during our twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, where Ivy was sadly diagnosed with numerous severe heart defects. These included a Double Outlet Right Ventricle, a Ventricular Septal Defect, Transposed Arteries and Pulmonary Stenosis.

Since Ivy was diagnosed with several rare heart defects her life expectancy and quality of life was now not certain.

Unfortunately, on the 19th October, Ivy was born sleeping.

Following some investigations, a month later we were informed that Ivy had been diagnosed with an extremely rare chromosome disorder called 15q24 Microdeletion Syndrome. This disorder currently only affects 1 in 42,000 people & comes with an endless list of life changing symptoms and side effects, some manageable and some extremely severe.

Unfortunately, in Ivy’s case she suffered from a number of the rarest and most severe side effects.

We have had amazing support from family, friends and numerous charities – thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey.


Thank you,
Team Holland
In Memory of Ivy Rae Holland.



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Forget Me Not Children's Hospice Tiny Tickers UNIQUE, The Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group
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